2016 We’re BACK!!!

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Our Three-Step Guide to putting Professional Theatre in Your School:

Step 1. Go to Schools Tour. Have a look at the Tour Calendar and see where we’ll be when. Fill out the form or send us an email – production@ensembleimpact.com – and we will arrange a day and time. (bookings made in 2015 are entitled to an early bird discount of $100).
Step 2. In the New Year, we contact you (again) re: your booking info.  Your deposit of  $250.00 is requested then as confirmation.
Step 3. We arrive and perform at your school. Final payment of $500 is due AFTER the performance. ($650 if your school booked in 2016)

It’s  that easy. And we’re keen to be a part of your drama programme.

The 2016 Tour

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  (Just click twice on the map below to see where we’ve been in the past)

Whether you’re in Wanaka or Whangamata, Kerikeri or Invercargill you can share your impressions with students around the country: same show, same people, same programme – all vital New Zealand plays.

Moreover, the two best reviews we receive – good or bad –  will be awarded an APPLE gift certificate for your student’s time and care. (But they must be in High School to qualify … we’re after  your reasoned critique, not a compliment).

Click the RSS button on the top right of this page, then click here and you’re there. Simply fill in your name, web address and school and let us (and the rest of New Zealand) know.

And while you’re on our web-site, check out the downloadable Study Guide in the Study Guide section, too.